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Venture Plank


The true versatile timber flooring solution, VenturePlank combines all the benefits of solid timber planks with none of the weaknesses. VenturePlank is a 6mm solid oak veneer timber flooring coupled to a durable multilayer ply backing. This makes VenturePlank immune to traditional timber problems like cupping and shrinking, the 6mm wear layer of solid oak means that there is more sandable timber in VenturePlank than most other solid timber planks! This means the floor can be sanded and re-sanded time and time again making this flooring truly your floor for a lifetime. VenturePlank is environmentally sound because only 6mm of precious oak timber is used per board rather than traditional 20mm solid timber planks and the backing ply is made of fast growing, sustainable birch ply wood.


VenturePlank benefits at a glance:

  • Won’t shrink or cup, stable due to ply backing
  • Environmentally sound- only a 6mm strip valuable of timber used per plank
  • Can be installed directly over under floor heating
  • Glue, Secret nail or floating installation
  • 6mm wear layer more than most solid planks!
  • 12 custom hand- stained colours