Northtec Art Gallery


For this unique project for the new art Gallery at Northtec, Whangarei. Floorex was approached by the client to create a timber floor for the gallery where the student artists would display their talent. The clients request was to install a floor that was economically viable, and was striking enough to compliment the art work on display. We knew that VenturePlank Oak would be the perfect match.

The 20mm thick Engineered Oak timber flooring looks absolutely outstanding after it was installed on the concrete sub-floor, using the ‘direct stick’ method, finely sanded, then coated with 3 coats of clear polyurethane.

The clients can rest assured that this floor will look beautiful for many years to come, and should the coating become jaded by the heavy foot traffic of a gallery, this floor can be sanding back and recoated to make it look as good as when first installed.

Timber: VenturePlank® Oak 21mm Engineered timber flooring.
Finish: Natural clear.
Project: Whangarei
Designer: Architects Process Consultants
Norrie Johnson
09 360 6300

Builder: Hill Construction
09 438 6137