Custom Made Floors

Our team of specialists can custom make floors based on your own distinctive ideas and designs. We give you the opportunity to personalise the architecture of your home, making it truly unique and original. Contact us now and consult with one of our designers to talk about what you have in mind.

Alternatively you can choose from our own custom made floor designs, such as the Re:Element, a product of over 15 years of experience in engineered wood flooring.

Floor Designs and Patterns Made to Order

The Floorex Custom Shop is about turning fresh ideas into reality and creating architecture that is distinctive and unique to the owner. The originality of having your own floor designs and patterns will not only impress your guests and visitors but will make your home feel more like your own.

We ensure all the work is done according to the owner's wishes in consultation with our team of specialists, who assist in all aspects of the project from sketching out the floor designs to organizing the purchase of the required materials, and even carrying out all of the measurements necessary to ensure that the homeowners’ creation fits in perfectly within the interior of the house.

Floorex is a family business with humble roots, starting out as a small floor sanding company in 1972. Our enterprise is now a leading company in the New Zealand flooring industry, having serviced and worked with thousands of Kiwi homeowners. Floorex offers a nationwide service in building and repairs, with a team of master craftsmen on standby to deliver the best of flooring to your residence. Talk to us today to learn more.