Engineered Oak Floors

Engineered wood flooring is comprised of a solid Oak layer that is bonded to a very rigid multi-layer plywood backing. This offers all the benefits of traditional solid wood flooring but with added dimensional stability and reduced risk of movement from fluctuations in moisture content. Our high-quality engineered hardwood flooring is designed for homeowners who want to add a durable and attractive interior look to their property. Engineered oak is often lauded by designers for its versatility, as it can be specified to accommodate many different environments.

We install and supply engineered oak flooring to residential properties and builders throughout the Auckland region. You can purchase engineered wood planks from us if you’re looking to install them yourself or have us install an engineered oak floor for you according to your architectural preferences and building plan.

Enjoy the Benefits of Engineered Oak Flooring

  • Very durable
  • Indistinguishable from solid wood floors
  • Readily sanded and refinished
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable alternative to real hardwood
  • Great for use over underfloor heating systems

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Underfloor Heating

Oak engineered timber flooring is great for use over underfloor heating systems. Engineered oak effectively maintains its shape and structure when exposed to heat and moisture. It also effectively absorbs and radiates heat, reducing the running costs of your floor heating system and boosting your home's energy efficiency.

We can work with you to install an engineered wooden floor that will be ideally suited for your home's underfloor heating system.

Why Choose Engineered Oak?

Engineered Oak is renowned for its firmness and durability, because of the way that it is constructed. In contrast to traditional oak floors, it is made up of multiple layers of wood fixed together, helping make it one of the most sustainable wood flooring options available today. Constructed with a 21mm engineered plank that comes with 6mm of solid European Oak, glue-laminated onto a 15mm multilayer stability backing, engineered oak has exceptional stability and can be supplied in widths from 190mm right up to 450mm, and in lengths up to 3.6 meters long.

Floorex has installed floors and delivered floor timber to properties and building companies throughout the Auckland region for over 45 years. Our company specializes in building floors with custom hand stain finishes, and we can tailor your flooring to any colour, tone, texture, or coating type. You can feel confident knowing that we’ll be able to handle every aspect of a job, covering supply, installation, and finishing with a rock-solid guarantee.