Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing

If your wooden floor is looking worn and dull, our wood floor sanding and refinishing team specialise in restoring older floors to their former glory. We love the challenge of a new finish, so whether you have a classic floor that needs refinishing to match a new colour scheme or a town hall in need of a heavy-duty floor coating to endure another decade of service, we have the expertise and proven coating systems to complete your project. Learn more about our wood floor sanding and polishing below and see what makes Floorex New Zealand's top flooring experts.

Our Sanding and Polishing Services can Include:

  • Timber floor staining
  • Wood floor finishing and refinishing
  • Wood floor polishing
  • Wood floor recoating

Ready to Restore Your Floor

If you need professional wood floor refinishing, get in contact today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why Your Floor Might Need Refinishing

Refinishing brings new life into the interior of your house. It reinvigorates the most visible surface of your home with the natural glow of newly exposed timber. It’s generally suggested by experts that a wooden floor should be refinished at least every ten years, not only for the sake of appearance but also to preserve the quality of the wood by getting rid of any scratches, stains, and insect burrows that may have accumulated over the years.

The entire process of refinishing involves sanding down, coating, and staining the wooden surface of your floor, restoring it back to its original beauty, while also giving it a refined appearance. Floor sanding requires the use of abrasive materials, such as a drum sander. Anything made from timber can technically be sanded to create a better appearance, although we recommend only sanding floors that are at least 1/8 of an inch thick. Sanding and abrasing floors that are less than this thickness can splinter the timber, causing more damage.

Floorex offers refinishing and floor sanding to homeowners throughout the Auckland region and nationwide, with a team of master craftsmen on standby to deliver the highest quality flooring to your home.

Our experience covers more than 45 years. Learn more about our story and see how Floorex has become a name associated with the highest standard of flooring finishes in New Zealand.