Parquet Flooring

Our team of experts are highly experienced in parquet flooring and can implement various designs with succinct perfection. Laying down an exquisitely patterned parquet floor is not an easy task, and it requires a great deal of craftmanship and skill. You can rely on Floorex to give your home that artistic feel you’re after. Contact us today for a quote and organise a schedule for when you would like us to service your property.

What makes Parquet Flooring special?

Parquet flooring, also known as mosaic flooring, consists of rectangular blocks of wood arranged and laid down in an ornamental geometric pattern. It rose to popularity in 17th century France during the renaissance period when people were looking for something different, and at the time, these elaborate floors were completely handcrafted without the aid of any modern-day tools, and only the wealthy aristocrats could afford them.

Today this artistic style has become an affordable and beautiful option for style-oriented homeowners who want an expressive look to the interior of their home. The process of making these beautiful floors is still somewhat difficult, as the blocks of wood must be perfectly fitted to each other, with not even a fraction of gap between them. Before they are laid down permanently, wooden blocks must be carefully spread out into the room so they can acclimatize, a process which can take up to three weeks.

We can do it all

There are many Parquet designs that we can install into your home including brick patterns, basket weave, the Flanders weave, and the popular herringbone pattern. Parquet floor patterns are open to adaptation, with many new styles incorporating a variety of colours, including multi-painted blocks of wood. We can even custom build a floor to your own personalised design. The only limit is your imagination when it comes to parquet flooring! Talk to us today to learn more.