• Our Services and Products

Our Services and Products

Engineered Oak Floors

Engineered Oak is a 21mm engineered plank that comes with 6mm of solid European Oak glue laminated onto a 15mm multilayer stability backing. Because of its exceptional stability it can be supplied in widths from 190mm right up to 450mm wide and in lengths up to 3.6 meters long. Comes unfinished and prefinished It is one of the most sustainable wood flooring options available today. Floorex specializes in custom hand stain finishes and can achieve almost any colour, tone, sheen level, texture or coating type. Engineered Oak is considered the designer wood floor. This is because there are so many ways it can be specified to help complement the environment it will be installed in. We have interior designers, kitchen designers, architects and building companies who all love our Engineered Oak because it is so incredibly versatile. One product, one thousand finishes so you can feel absolutely confident in knowing that one company will handle every aspect of the job including the supply, Installation, finishing and a rock solid guarantee.

Genuine Solid Wood Flooring

A solid hardwood floor is your investment for life, these floors last a lifetime and can be refinished time after time, returning the floor to brand new condition. Solid timber slabs are simply sawed up, kiln dried and machined into planks, exposing their natural beauty. Each floor we install is as entirely unique as the tree it came from. This type of flooring can be laid over concrete, timber or joist subfloors. The Solid Wood range includes:

  • — American Oak
  • — French oak
  • — NZ grown European Oak
  • — Matai
  • — Rimu
  • — Macrocarpa
  • — Blackbutt
  • — Spotted Gum
  • — Grey Ironbark
  • — Red Ironbark
  • — Tallowwood
  • — Tasmanian Oak
  • — NZ grown Tasmanian Blackwood

Parquet Flooring

Parquet rose to popularity in the 17th Century in France where people were looking for something a little different. These floors were extremely artistic and completely handcrafted, meaning only the wealthiest could afford them. Today with the introduction of less complex designs and cheaper wood production, it is an affordable and beautiful option for house owners. Some styles include brick patterns, basket weave and Flanders weave but the most popular and well-known design is herringbone. To create this, rectangular blocks are arranged together in either a diagonal or parallel layout. You may incorporate different colour pieces of wood, or a block colour pattern. The limit is really only your imagination when it comes to parquet flooring.

Floorex Custom Shop Made to Order

Floorex Custom Shop is not a collection, it is us turning your concept into a reality. Whether you have the finished look in your mind’s eye or have some ideas but need help consolidating them and bringing them to life, we can help. Talk to us today to turn your thoughts into an actuality.

Floor Sanding & Refinishing

Is your wooden floor looking tired? Floorex has a team dedicated to refinishing older wooden floors to their former glory. Whether it is a classic native floor that needs refinishing and staining to match a new colour scheme or a town hall that is looking for a heavy duty floor coating to endure another decade of service we have the expertise and proven coating systems to do the project. In our ‘laboratory’ at the Floorex HQ our team have years of experience with mixing and matching stains to achieve the ideal finish. Get in touch,.. we love the challenge of a new finish.