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Timeless elegance with classic design elements, dark-stained oak timber floor adding warmth and charm.

Project details

  • Floorex Engineered Oak
  • 20mm T x 2200 W x 2200 L light character grade.
  • Hardwax Oil Finish

The home exudes timeless elegance, combining classic design elements with modern comforts. The walls are painted in a soft, pastel hue, providing a subtle backdrop for the rich, aged-look dark stained oak timber floor that spans the entire space.

The oak timber floor carries a sense of history and craftsmanship, with its deep, dark stain showcasing the natural grain patterns and adding warmth to the ambiance. The aged appearance gives the impression that the floor has withstood the test of time, adding character and charm to the home.

Moving through the house, you’ll find spacious rooms filled with an abundance of natural light. Large windows with ornate frames and elegant drapes allow sunlight to filter in, illuminating the rooms and highlighting the intricate details of the floor. The dark-stained oak serves as a stunning contrast against the lighter-toned walls and furnishings, creating a captivating visual appeal.

The combination of classic architecture and the bespoke dark stained oak timber floor adds a sense of heritage and sophistication to this modern home. It seamlessly blends the old and the new, creating a space that exudes both elegance and a timeless appeal.

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