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Rosythe Road 2023 – Wooden Flooring NZ

Rustic farmhouse adorned with sandstone walls, exquisite Australian hardwood floor, and curated art collection

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  1. What Makes Solid Timber Floors Special? “Solid timber floors offer a unique combination of natural beauty and durability. Their timeless appeal and robustness make them a popular choice for various architectural styles and personal tastes.”
  2. How Durable are Solid Timber Floors? “Solid timber floors are extremely durable. With proper care, they can last a lifetime, maintaining their charm and character through the years.”
  3. Can Solid Wood Floors be Customised? “Yes, at Floorex, we provide customisation options for our solid timber floors. You can choose from different species, finishes, and styles to perfectly match your design needs.”
  4. Are Solid Timber Floors Suitable for All Climates? “Solid timber floors maintain a consistent feel and appearance through different seasons, making them suitable for a variety of climates.”
  5. How to Care for Solid Timber Floors? “Caring for solid timber floors involves regular cleaning and occasional maintenance. We recommend sweeping and lightly damp mopping, along with periodic professional cleaning for the best results.”

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